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About us


Altanova technology is an I.T company based in Nigeria. Our services are rendered in the areas of technology and branding. Our company was formed with the idea of providing state-of-the-art-services to our clients with a world class standard. Hence, its formation involved the merging of a renowned software programmers/developers and a prolific creative team. Our success is driven by delivery of quality, speed, efficiency and client satisfaction. As regards client services, we cater to services to both small business and banks. As such, our services are ranked beyond the average Nigerian idealistic information technology company.

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Mission & Vision

Our vision upon formation is to be the foremost Information Technology company in the world, with our expertise, our innovative ideas and perceptions, and most importantly our strive to cater specially to whatever needs our clients might have.

Altanova Technology has taken upon the mission to surpass the expectations of our peers through constantly overreaching our limits, harboring and functioning under innovative ideas and providing excellent customer services.